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Stoops and Steps

Stairs are one of the most functional ways to work with transitional levels of a landscape, allowing for ease of access in settings that contain grade or slope conditions.

Steps and stoops are also an important part of integrating your landscaping in with your home. They can be used to provide definition of space, while enhancing the aesthetic quality of your surroundings. Concrete Contractors Virginia has been in the step and stoop design and installation business for nearly two decades.

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    Stoops and Steps

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    Paver or Block Steps

    Blocks are made from modular concrete blocks or treads. There are a variety of different brands or products available. These modular systems are glued together with adhesive as opposed to using mortar.

    Concrete Step Repair
    Patios & Walkways
    Fieldstone or natural stone steps

    Fieldstone steps are made from large flat natural stones. Fieldstone steps can be laid without mortar in any pattern or variety to meet the needs of the space depending on the stone selection. Fieldstone gives a much more rustic and natural appearance to your hardscaping steps but will be much more irregular that other options.

    Concrete Step Repair Virginia
    Driveway Installation
    Tread and Risers

    Stone steps can also be made from treads and risers rather than solid stone. The treads are typically made from granite, or bluestone and the risers can be built up of any type of stone wall material.

    We provide a strong warranty on all of our work!

    We back up our quality craftsmanship with a strong warranty. We offer a one year warranty on all stone dust base and a five year warranty on all new installation for concrete base and retaining walls.

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    Solid Bluestone Steps

    Bluestone risers or steps are similar to granite, but less common. Bluestone material will cost more and have less standard sizing options

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    Antique or Reclaimed Granite steps

    Antique or reclaimed granite simply refers to granite that was mined long ago. Antique granite was split and shaped by hand, so it is rougher and typically darker than its more modern counterpart. Antique granite is more difficult to find, and it must be hand selected to find the right sizing. This does make it more expensive, but it also makes it more authentic looking than freshly quarried granite.

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    Driveway Installation
    Solid granite Steps

    Solid granite are the most commonly used stone steps. They are made of solid pieces of granite and are cut to size to fit the project. The heavy blocks can be dry laid, or mortared into place depending on the needs of the design and desires of the homeowner. Different types of granite vary in color and edge design.

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    We bring decades of combined experience to your project to deliver the finest craftsmanship available.

    Trust & Dependability
    Trust & Dependability

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    Bonded & Insured
    Bonded & Insured

    We don’t pay lip service to our quality. We back it up with our licensure, bond, and insurance.


    We offer the strongest warranty on both labor and materials.

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    Residential stoops and steps

    Besides functionality steps can help create a sense of space and cohesion between the interior and exterior of your home. Whether its a cascading array of natural stone or a creative layout of carefully selected treads and risers, the use of steps beautifully enhances the quality of your outdoor environment.

    Commercial stoops and steps

    It is important to have the right contractor to install your stoop and steps for your business. We pay attention to details and install with care in order to give you the highest quality steps for all of your commercial building needs.

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    Reliable contractors that you can trust!

    With decades of combined experience, our contractors are ready to deliver premium services at a price to fit your budget.

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    Benefits of stone landscape

    Stoops and Stairs


    Stairs, steps, and stoops serve as a connecting point between two areas of your landscaping. They can make a steep path more accessible while adding beauty to your landscape design.

    Lasting Structure

    Natural beauty

    Stone adds a natural beauty to your landscape design that is aesthetically pleasing.



    When you add steps to compensate for a steep grading issue between two points in your landscape, you add safety to the accessibility of the particular parts of your yard.

    Green Building

    Solve drainage issues

    Adding natural stone can also serve to change the drainage patterns and solve potential flooding and irrigation issues that you may be experiencing with your yard.

    Less Maintenance
    Better Air Quality

    Create focal points

    Stairs and stoops can serve to create a natural looking focal point in your landscape. There are many varieties of materials to choose from to beautifully enhance your yard.

    Reduce Building Cost

    Divide and organize outdoor spaces

    You can use stairs and stoops to create visual division in your yard and make it feel more expansive. You may even create an outdoor room and stairs can help to make it feel more cozy and liveable


    Increase property value

    The natural beauty of landscaping stairs and stoops increase your property value and offer a high return on your investment.

    Natural Material

    Open up yard space

    You can use natural stone stairs to open up access to different parts of your yard. This may allow you to use a different part of your landscape that was under utilized.

    We have all of your stone stoop and step needs covered.

    From commercial to residential and from entry way to outdoor kitchen, we are ready to deliver your top quality stone steps with a friendly smile.

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    Building Method

    Do you use mortar to install stairs?

    We use mortar depending on the needs of the project. Some natural stones can be set in place and do not require any sort of adhesive or mortar to hold them into place. Other areas or types of stone may require a more solid adhesion in order to safely remain in place without shifting

    Why are brick and stone preferable to wood steps?

    Brick and stone offer natural beauty that shines and enhances your landscape while giving the appearance of “having always been there.” Wood can rot and degrade in the elements over time, whereas brick or stone will still be standing for decades to come.