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Custom Mailboxes

While a permanent custom mailbox seems like a good idea, it is important to choose the right contractor for the job. Experience is key, and Concrete Contractors Virginia has you covered.

We offer a broad range of custom brick creations to give your home the personal touch that it deserves. When you are looking for a custom mailbox that will last a lifetime, look no further than Concrete Contractors Virginia to achieve lasting results that you can trust daily.

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    We don’t pay our quality craftsmanship lip service. We back up our word with insurance and licensure that you can trust.

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    Better quality custom concrete

    Mailbox Solutions

    Arched Top Mailboxes
    Arched Top Mailboxes
    Arched Top Mailboxes

    A distinctive arched top brick mailbox is a symbol of prestige and pride for your home.

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    Steeple Top Mailboxes

    Steeple top mailboxes are a great way to customize your mailbox and set it apart from the other mailboxes on the street.

    Planter Box Units
    Planter Box Units
    Planter Box Units

    Planter box units are a fantastic way to enhance your curb appeal by allowing you to allow your inner gardener to flourish around your mailbox.

    Strong warranty to back our services

    We offer a wide variety of custom mailbox styles as well as many options to further customize your mailbox, making it a one of a kind work of art!

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    Corner Mailboxes

    Corner mailboxes are the perfect option when you are on the corner of two streets.

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    Custom Numbering

    We can further set your mailbox apart by adding custom address numbering in a variety of styles and finishes.

    Lockable Security Mailboxes
    Lockable Security Mailboxes
    Lockable Security Mailboxes

    Identity theft is one of the top crimes in America and your mailbox is the prime location to have your identity stolen from you. Protect your privacy with a locable security mailbox.

    Reasons Why

    Choose Us?

    Why choose Custom Contractors Virginia?


    With nearly two decades of custom mailbox experience, our contractors can help you every step of the way from design to first mail drop.

    Trust & Dependability
    Strong Warranty

    We back our work with a strong warranty for your peace of mind.

    Bonded & Insured
    Friendly Professionals

    Our professionals are not only experienced, but we are also friendly so that you feel comfortable inviting us into your pace to serve all of your custom mailbox needs.

    Trust and Dependability

    You can trust us with all of your custom mailbox needs.

    Why custom Mailboxes?

    Mailboxes are a staple of the American Front Yard that should enhance your curb appeal and compliment your home. Allow us to help you create a mailbox that you can be proud to have on display in front of your home.

    More reasons for a custom mailbox

    The added durability of brick mailboxes protects your information from prankster neighbors and prying eyes. Digging around in a brick mailbox is simple more conspicuous than a typical plastic box.

    Why is it better

    Costus Mailbox Benefits

    Long Lasting Structure

    Your custom mailbox will last for decades to come.

    Lasting Structure

    Increase Curb Appeal

    A mailbox is a staple of the American front yard and it should enhance your home’s curb appeal and refelct the homeowner’s style.


    Enhance pride

    You can take pride in a custom mailbox, setting your home apart from the other homes on the street. Your neighbors will be asking where you got your custom mailbox in no time.

    Green Building


    A brick mailbox is much safer than your typical plastic mailbox.

    Less Maintenance
    Better Air Quality


    Your custom mailbox is the best place to display your house number to reflect not only your address, but also your sense of style.

    Reduce Building Cost

    Decorative options

    You can choose not only a variety of mailbox styles and structures, but also accessories such as lights, and address numbers.


    Safety features

    We offer an array of safety features to protect your mail from prying eyes and identity theft.

    Natural Material

    Natural Materials

    No chemical alterations or additives. Natural and qualitative appearance and smell. Providing a safe and healthy environment.

    Need help with a custom mailbox design?

    Call our friendly professional to design your custom mailbox today

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    You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions

    Are there mailbox guidelines that I need to know before installation?

    We recommend checking with your local postmaster to ensure that the height of your mailbox complies with standards particularly if your mailbox will sit up on a curb.

    Are your mailboxes USPS approved?

    Yes. We build your mailbox to meet specific standards set by the United States Postal Service and we keep up with the standards so that you don’t have to.