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When it comes to landscaping, there are multiple elements to consider.

Softscaping is the part that most homeowners think of when it comes to landscaping the exterior of their homes. Softscaping encompasses all of the living parts of your yard, such as grass, plants, flowers, and shrubs. But, this is only part of your landscaping elements. Hardscape construction uses stonework, concrete, and masonry to build the structures that give your softscaping organization and purpose. Hardscaping is often an afterthought for many homeowners, but it should always be an important part of your landscaping plan as form follows function.

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    Hardscaping Solutions

    Retaining Wall
    Retaining walls

    Retaining walls can be add structure and dimension to your landscape as well as serve many functions. Retaining walls can keep an embankment from washing away and also solve a myriad of irrigation and water issues for you yard

    Concrete Edging
    Patios & Walkways
    Concrete Edging

    Concrete edging can be used around flower beds and potted plants. Edging can also solve many irrigation issues and can offer a visual separation for a variety of plants and flowers in your landscape design.

    Hardscape Contractors
    Decorative Walkways

    Form truly does follow function when it comes to the walkways that are built around your landscaping areas. Walkways allow for an easy path, and they also organize your softscaping choices in a practical way.

    Best Warranty in the Business!

    We offer a one year warranty on all stone base work and a five year warranty to back up all new installation of retaining walls and concrete base work.

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    Concrete Edging
    Flagstone/ Brick Columns

    Brick or flagstone columns bring a natural element to your hardscape and can work to complement the structural component of your home tying into the hardscaping structures.

    Hardscaping Services

    Steps should always be installed with precision and care. Our experienced professionals offer quality workmanship with premier materials to deliver the best steps for your hardscaping needs.

    Hardscaping Company

    Hardscaping can give structure to your pathways and organization to the plants and flowers that you have chosen for your landscape.

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    Our team has 18 years of experience installing and creating hardscaping in the commercial and residential settings.

    Trust & Dependability
    Trust & Dependability

    We work hard every day to provide the best possible finished result no matter what it costs.

    Bonded & Insured
    Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

    To give you extra peace of mind, our crew is licensed bonded and insured just in case something goes awry.

    Strong Warranty

    We offer a 1-5 year warranty on our services that depend on the type of material that is used.

    Residential Masonry

    Our team will work with you to craft the hardscaping of your dreams with a wide selection of materials. With our hardscaping, you can expect the value of your home to drastically increase while giving you a beautiful backyard to entertain and relax in after a long day of work. While some hardscapes can simply be decoration, we can also build structures out of natural materials like patios, firepits and even stairs or stoops. Down below, you can find a few of the most common materials that you can use to craft your very own custom hardscaping:

    • Brick
    • Pavers
    • Flagstone
    • Tile
    • Concrete
    • Solid Stone
    • Loose Stone
    • Concrete Pavers

    Commercial Masonry

    One of the best ways a business can beautify their space is with our custom hardscaping. Where most consider commercial facilities to be dull places of business, we can incorporate features that will make your business feel more approachable and less drab to work in. With our natural materials, we can make the outside of your commercial facility worthy of the front page of a magazine!

    We only use natural materials so everything we install is eco-friendly and will eventually be recycled into other hardscaping materials so the process will go full circle. Down below, you can find a few features we can install in your business:

    • Staircases
    • Fountains
    • Paver Walkways
    • Fire Pits
    • Retaining Walls
    • Stonework
    • Decorative Entrances
    • Flower Bed

    Call Concrete Contractors Virginia for the friendliest, most dependable work!

    With our combined decades of experience, our contractors are here to offer premier materials and workmanship with the friendliness of your small neighborhood business.

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    What are the benefits of


    Outdoor Room

    Outdoor room

    Many homeowners are choosing to add to the liveable space of their home by adding an outdoor room. Outdoor kitchens and living rooms are highly desirable components of many landscape design plans.

    Solve irrigation issues

    Hardscaping can solve many irrigation and water issues that you may be having in your yard by changing the flow of the water and runoff.


    Hardscaping offers organization and definition to your landscape.

    Aesthetically pleasing

    Hardscaping structures offer not only function, but they can take your yard and landscaping to the next level by offering beautiful borders, barriers, and other structural components.

    Outdoor Living

    Outdoor living

    Taking the indoors out is a fantastic way to increase your living space in your home as well as enjoy your yard on a daily basis.

    Increase Functionality

    Increase functionality

    Hardscaping increases continuity between your home and your yard or garden. It can fortify the functionality of your garden and compliment the outdoor living space of your home.


    Outdoor furniture

    We can build beautiful outdoor seating and other functional furniture for you outdoor living needs.

    Create Barrier

    Create barriers

    Sometimes you need a fence or retaining wall to create a barrier in your landscape.

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    You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Here are some answers to some of our most frequently answered questions.

    Outdoor Hardscapes

    Will weeds be a problem in my hardscape structures?

    Concrete Contractors Virginia is the premier contractor to lay the groundwork for minimizing weed growth in and around your hardscaping structures. Prevention is key when it comes to weeds in your hardscaping, and we do what it takes to keep weeds from popping up in your hardscape.

    Can hardscaping solve any water issues I’m having in my yard?

    Irrigation systems often require repairs because of the shifting landscape of your softscape structures such as plant overgrowth and changing and shifting soil. Hardscaping offers structure and stability to your softscaping and can keep your yard and plants from shifting and causing issues for your irrigation system.

    Stone Hardscapes