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The foundation of architecture stems from masonry. From commercial to residential projects, Custom Masonry has the experience to make your home renovations come to life.

There are many unique benefits to masonry that other building methods can’t live up too such as:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Does not emit volatile gases
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Resistant to mold and mildew
  • Fireproof and insect resistant

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    Licensed, Bonded & Insured

    As concrete contractors we specialize in patio paving, walkways, driveway installation, concrete flooring, hardscaping and retaining walls.

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    We build it better.

    The skill and precision of the mason can never be replaced by machines

    Pavers & Flagstone
    Pavers & Flagstone

    Our team is trained to perform in the installation and repair to any given flagstone and paver finishes. From patios to driveways alike.

    Patios & Walkways
    Patios & Walkways
    Patios & Walkways

    Restore or replace your current outdoor walkways! Bring your walkways back to life, with attention to detail we can make your creation and imagination a reality. Bring comfort back into your home.

    Driveway Installation
    Driveway Installation
    Driveway Installation

    Driveways are often a first impression to your home. We can transform your driveway to create an entrance worth bragging about. Say goodbye to damaged and or stained driveways.

    We Provide Warranty To Our Work!

    Whether you need paver repair or brick restoration. Our dedicated team will provide you with work that’s built to last a lifetime.

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    Hardscaping can oftentimes be the main scenery for your home. This also includes retaining walls which are designed to retain an element of your choice opening the doors to many options for growing or planting any combination of beauty.

    Concrete Flooring
    Concrete Flooring
    Concrete Flooring

    Concrete flooring is something more often times found outdoors on a patio but in some cases indoors as well. With an unlimited amount of customization take the patio to your home or place of business to the next level and provide your customers or self a well balanced baseline.

    Repair And Maintenance
    Driveway Installation
    Repair and Maintenance

    All of our work comes warrantied. You can trust that the product you can create is there to stay. Warranties include 1-5 years depending on the level of architecture you plan on choosing.

    Reasons Why

    Choose Us?

    If you’re looking for Reliable and Trusted Masonry Company were at your service. Providing Quality Services


    With 18 years of experience we are capable of completing the wildest of tasks. Were confident that were a one stop shop for all of your concrete contractor needs

    Trust & Dependability
    Trust & Dependability

    As a small family owned company we understand your wants and needs. We stand by our mission statement to always deliver a strong foundation of integrity and competitive pricing.

    Bonded & Insured
    Bonded & Insured

    We retain all of the proper licensing as well as being bonded. Rest assured your quality of work provided is amongst the best of the best.


    The choices are in your hands limited to your creation. We use all natural materials in our Masonry.


    Residential Masonry

    The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing or refinishing your home. We will fulfill the desires to improve your overall quality of life. Providing a comforting and prosperous feeling. We want you to feel prideful in your home or place of business which your rightfully deserve.Your home improvement projects have never been more affordable or attainable when using masonry. Delivering on every given expectations and exceeding those expectations is our primary focus. Using nothing but the finest of materials we will deliver aesthetics that will blow your mind. Listed below is a composition of just a few reasons why our contracting is the right choice for you:

    Residential services include:

    • Driveway
    • Mailboxes
    • Chimney Repair
    • Custom Patios
    • Paver Repair & Installation
    • Fireplace Refacing

    Commercial Masonry

    Masonry Construction can be a simple project or a complete renovation. From a few bricks here and there or completely redesigned dream. The most commonly found restoration amongst Masonry Construction is repointing. Repointing is the removal of a small amount of mortar between the joints of stone or brick and replacing it with fresh mortar paired with a fresh coat of sealer. In more advanced cases, stones or bricks may need to be replaced to make sure the building or structure is sound and safe to occupy

    • Designs limited to your imagination
    • Premium and natural materials
    • Long lasting finishes
    • Easily maintainable

    For The Most Reliable & Professional Work!

    As a team with more than 15 years of experience, we are proud to be in a position to offer property owners high-end materials for low-end prices.

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    Why choose Masonry

    Masonry Benefits

    Structural Integrity

    We vow to provide the strongest and most reliable masonry with the highest level of craftsmanship.

    Lasting Structure


    Masonry is resistant to fire, earthquakes and sound. When exposed to fire masonry does not bend twist or warp.


    Green Building

    We use nothing but raw and natural materials of the finest quality. No chemical alterations are made.

    Green Building

    Less Maintenance

    Being that the materials are natural this means maintenance is less frequent. Chemical additives break down materials causing damage over time leading to cracks or structural failure.

    Less Maintenance
    Better Air Quality

    Better Air Quality (Indoors)

    Rather being forced to use dozens of different cleaning agents to clean wood. Masonry offers you the benefit of cleaning less frequently and with less agents to provide a natural more fresh air quality.

    Reduce Building Cost

    Reduced Building Cost

    Stone and concrete is more affordable than wood construction. From starting costs to years of maintenance.


    Increase In Resale Appeal

    Stone takes thousands of years to begin to wear or break down. Adding retaining value to your home.

    Natural Material

    Natural Materials

    No chemical alterations or additives. Natural and qualitative appearance and smell. Providing a safe and healthy environment.

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    Building Method

    Why is masonry the better building method?

    Masonry has been the go to building method for centuries. Masonry is often preferable to traditional wood and beam construction due to it afforbaility, stability and maintenance free care. Masonry also offers your home a unique traditional feeling! Not to mention it is eco friendly and will not break down or be susceptible to damage for decades! You can find someone to do your masonry work anywhere, check out Halifax Masonry to learn more!

    How quickly can my project be completed?

    You can expect your project turnaround in as quick as a couple of days to as long as 2-3 weeks depending on the size of the project. The moment your consultation is complete is the moment we begin to work. Custom Masonry. Construction built strong for your forever home