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Offer many benefits

Concrete Contractors Virginia can build custom decorative brick walls to enhance your home and landscape. Masonry can add a key element to your outdoor space. Our contractors work with a variety of materials and add sophistication and luxury to your project.

Using brick and stone in your exterior hardscape will undoubtedly enhance your curb appeal. The use of custom brick work and other masonry products gives the contractor the ability to incorporate many components into your hardscape creating a timeless look that will last you for decades. Incorporating bring into your design allows the designer to pull all elements of your space together for a timeless look. We offer low prices with premier quality service that you can trust.

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our license and insurance back up the quality service you can trust. We don’t just tell you we will do a good job, we deliver on the project through completion and back it up with our license and insurance.

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Benefits of

Decorative Brick Walls


Brick masonry is extremely strong, which is important when you are talking about holding tons of earth, dirt, and water. Brick is a quality support structure.

Patios & Walkways

A decorative brick wall can stand the test of time, often standing for a century or longer.

Driveway Installation

Decorative brick walls are resistant to damage and can withstand any environmental elements that mother nature can throw at it.

We offer a strong warranty on our work!

Our one year warranty on all stone base work and five year warranty on any new installation or retaining wall backs our promise to offer quality workmanship

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The design choices are endless when it comes to decorative brick wall structures. Not only are there a wide variety of brick color and design options, but the shape and size of your structure are easily customizable.

Concrete Flooring

Decorative Brick walls offer a high return on your investment and give an excellent cost benefit ratio that lends to your project’s affordability.

Eco friendly
Driveway Installation

Brick walls are non- toxic and do not produce any harmful gasses as some other materials may. Many materials used are repurposed and locally sourced.

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Why Concrete Contractors Virginia?


With decades of combined experience our contractors offer you the highest quality service and workmanship.

Trust & Dependability
Trust & Dependability

With our experience comes a level of quality and trust that you can depend upon.

Bonded & Insured
Bonded & Insured

Our warranty backs our word. We don’t pay lip service to your quality. We back it up with our guarantee.


In addition to our strong warranty, we are also licensed, bonded, and insured to further deepen your trust in our people and our work.


Residential Decorative Brick Walls

When you begin remodeling your home, don’t forget to look at our brick wall installations. With a variety of different styles and the sustainable choice of brick walls, there isn’t anything your home will lack in beauty and strength. Residential brick walls offer homeowners the ability to choose from different bond patterns to create a unique space. Patterns for your brick wall can create a visual appeal that standard wood walls could never come close too. Not only are brick bond patterns incredibly beneficial for your design but they create incredible strength for the overall structure of your home. So, what bond patterns are there available to you?

  • Stretcher Brick Bond
  • Stack Brick Bond
  • English Brick Bond
  • Header Brick Bond
  • Flemish Brick Bond
  • And so much more!

Commercial Decorative Brick Walls

For businesses, it has become increasingly important to show sustainable choices that also offer a look of elegance! With our brick wall installations, that is exactly what you get. There are incredible design and eco-friendly reasons why a brick wall will out compete standard wall materials, like wood, any day of the week! Think outside of the box with your business and let our expertise in masonry help you shine! The most amazing commercial brick wall benefits include:

  • Brick is energy efficient
  • Brick is low maintenance
  • Brick is weatherproof
  • Brick is incredibly innovative
  • Brick lasts a lifetime
  • Brick is sustainable

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Brick is better!

Masonry Benefits

Lasting structures

This is a trustworthy service that is highly known for its strength and lifetime abilities for sustainable infrastructure.

Lasting Structure


Brick walls in particular have a high affinity to safety and longevity because of it. Properly built and installed brick walls can survive extreme weather while keeping you and everyone in your home or business safe.


Green Building

Sustainable choices are easy when you choose a brick wall for your property. With a long lifespan and a low carbon footprint, masonry is your easy way to make a great eco-friendly choice.

Green Building

Less maintenance

Due to the fact that brick walls are incredibly resistant to moisture, weathering, and the test of time, very little is required from you. Brick walls do not need treatments and will easily survive for years to come.

Less Maintenance
Better Air Quality

Improved Air-Quality

Brick walls drastically improve your homes and businesses air quality with an increase energy efficiency. Brick walls do not emit gases, not like vinyl walls and are non-toxic, heat resistant, and odor-free.

Reduce Building Cost

Reduced Building Costs

Brick masonry is simply affordable to install and because these walls last for a lifetime, replacement and repair charges are rarely, if ever, needed.


Increase Resale Appeal

Brick is in! Homeowners with brick walls on the inside of their homes are adding these designs to kitchens, living rooms, and entertainment areas. If you’re trying to sell your home, a brick wall is the way to do it!

Natural Material

Natural Materials

For safety, eco-friendly, and sustainable choices, with our brick masonry, you never have to sacrifice safety or aesthetics.

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The truth is, brick wall masonry is extensive, unique, versatile, and incredibly innovative. Whether you’re looking for an indoor classic wall or a “think outside of the box” design, it is made possible here with our professionals. There are plenty of ways to improve the look and feel of your business or home with our brick wall masonry.


What is brick wall masonry?

In a general sense, it is an extremely efficient and durable form of construction. It is built with brick and mortar by way of systematic and creative designs. We offer different types of masonry work and design options for home and business owners that are eco-friendly and long-lasting.

Brick over Wood

Brick is a much more reliable and long-lasting option when compared to its counterpart wood. That is simply in the properties of the materials, for example, uncared for wood can begin to grow mold when exposed to excess moisture or water, whereas brick does not have that issue. Other issues like extreme weather or simply years of wear and tear can have catastrophic ramifications for wood whereas brick would not affected! The advantages truly are unlimited when it comes to brick over wood.